The other day I told my husband I had just checked out “Unbroken” because our friend Carolyn recommended it to me.

His response: “Yeah. You’ll like it. Remember? I told you that a year ago, when I read it?… I would tell you parts of the story and told you that I thought you’d like it?…”.

Me: “Uh. Yeah. Oops. Now that you mention it…that sort of rings a bell”.

Which reminded me of another similar conversation we’ve had more than once.

Me: I had counseling today and my counselor told me blah blah blah [insert private counseling information here] and it was SO INTERESTING and it might change the way I see myself in relationships FOREVER.

Him: Yeah. I told you that same thing three months ago.

Me: Oh. Yeah. Now that you mention it…


3 thoughts on “Typical

  1. Ohhhh, I so hope you like it. I always get a little nervous recommending books, especially one that I love as much as “Unbroken.”

    I wonder what other valuable things your husband has told you over the years that you just don’t remember. I feel like there is room for analysis here. Let’s get together to discuss the book and this “forgetting what the husband tells you” soon!

    • i haven’t been able to put it down EXCEPT for when i had to take a break from the chapters on his time as a POW. that was a lot to take in. but i’m almost finished- i love it!

      there was another one last night, about homeschooling… apparently he said something to me a few weeks ago that i had forgotten, and then i heard susan wise bauer say it yesterday and was all excited… poor guy.

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