Still As a Stone


My little four year old Monkey is lying “still as a stone” in his MRI right now. He practiced for Miss Donna and Mr Steve (nurse and MRI tech), to show them he was up for the challenge.

We were originally scheduled for sedation but a little upchucking this morning nipped that in the bud. It wasn’t a virus- just a bad combo of being overtired and other things involving his digestive system. But it certainly ruled out putting him under for the MRI.

It has been a rocky, potholed road to get here. We arrived last week for our scheduled MRI and were told it had been cancelled. I kind of felt like harming someone. (I didn’t). I had a friend watching the other kids and both of us had canceled work for the day and- worst of all- I was just anxious about it and wanted it over. Canceled? You have got to be kidding me.

But UVA got us back in quickly, and here we are again. They are giving him contrast right now, to get a good picture of his brain. He had to get stuck with two different needles but took deep breaths (coached by his Papa) and held still for it.

Five months after brain surgery (almost to the day), and we continue to be seizure-free. He can use his left hand with no problems. His worst memories of the brain surgery are from when they took the tape off his body- all the little monitors stuck to his chest, and the iv’s in his arms. He hated that part!

Here’s what I am overhearing, from Miss Donna and Mr Steve as they keep an eye on him in the MRI:
Such a trooper!
If all of our patients all day long were like that, it’d be a breeze.
He’d doing so well!

And to me: “You should be so proud of him. He’s doing great! And he’s adorable.

And they are right about all of it (definitely the adorable part). He walked in with them to see the MRI machine and practiced getting in the “rocket ship”. He showed them how he could be still as a stone on the bed, even with the loud noises. They gave him headphones and he got to pick out a dvd (“The Incredibles”). And he is watching and holding up his end of the deal. Our end of the deal: Bodos (bagels) and Sweet Frogs (frozen yogurt).

Happily. Very happily.

…………………………………4 hours later……………………….

Stress is exhausting!

Today wore me out.

8:00 pm and I’m in bed.

7 thoughts on “Still As a Stone

  1. This makes me feel teary. Probably mostly because I’m exhausted, but also because there’s something just so tender in your words here. We get chances to be heroic all our lives, even when we’re so little it seems we shouldn’t have to, don’t we?

    • oh gosh. good words, rita- he is so heroic, going beyond what i ever had to roll with at 3/4. he has risen to what is in front of him, very well.

  2. The stress and frustration of a mother leading up to and during a scheduled ( ahem! re scheduled) scan on her sons brain …. what a post! Way to go Monkey way to go Katherine.
    Way to go Mr. Steve and Ms. Donna for helping a 4 year old understand and know what to expect. ( visiting the machine, practicing being still, choosing the DVD, frequently praising him throughout) Not sure it makes up for the bumbled schedule but it is so nice to hear the folks you had at UVA today had such developmentally appropriate and pleasant bedside manners.
    Glad it is done. Hope you are sleeping well now.

    • you are so right! the UVA staff were just really great in walking him/us through it all. he did so well partly because of their help.

      he slept in until 9:00 this morning- i think we were all worn out yesterday!

  3. God bless his sweet little heart and yours, as well. I am so thankful for that little guy and for the character that God is growing in him through all of this. He is really something. You and Russ are beautiful examples of trusting God and advocating for him, simultaneously.

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