We Had a Good Run Together


In happier times.

We lost a faithful friend this week.

Purpley Grapey Twilight Glitter Midnight Niner- you came into our lives on Chicken’s 5th birthday. You seemed like a great idea at the time. Low maintenance, pretty, and a good test run of “this is what pet responsibility means.”

Soon enough we heard “I can’t even hold it and pet it!”. And “this bowl really stinks” and, even, “I can barely see Purpley in there, Mommy!”.

Still. You had a place in our hearts.

I penned a few words that expressed my heart, and asked some friends of mine to put them to music.


R.I.P. Purpley. May you enjoy your great big fish bowl in the sky; where the water is always clear and no one tells you that you stink.


3 thoughts on “We Had a Good Run Together

  1. Is this the same pet whose very existence you were lamenting last weekend when you were here? Just saying. 😉 I know your kiddos won’t read this comment which is the ONLY reason why I just wrote the above statement. You are hilarious. I’m sorry for the kiddos and secretly relieved for you. Did you try the “tap water Clean” as I suggested?!?!?!

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