A Goal for September

With my sister this weekend at Windy Gap, NC. I love Young Life camp! Also- how am I going to keep growing for three more months? Yiiiiikes…

Remember when I started this blog because I was trying one thing a month? Remember that? And then I sort of did it again this year, but then just dropped off and stopped at some point?

I’m back in for September.

This month: Use What You’ve Got month.

The idea started with groceries. We have a full pantry and some overflow pantry items in our dining room closet. I doubled a bunch of recipes and froze them at the end of August. So I have lots of food in the pantry and lots in the freezer.

On top of that, our grocery spending has been pretty hefty lately. I feel like I’m spending a ton and stocking up on good deals, but it is just sort of accumulating a little too much.

Instead of buying more and more on top of that this month, it is time to eat what we already have. We’ll buy produce and dairy throughout this month, but hope to use up a ton of the food that we already have on hand. You know- that half cup of rice in the pantry, the can of soup that seemed like a good buy at the time, and the frozen green beans- all of that. Use it up!

But why stop with just groceries? After pitching the grocery idea to my husband (he’s on board, by the way), I thought about all the other stuff in our house that can and should be put to use. My tendency is to create a shopping list of the things I need to go out and buy to finish X project. This month I want to stop the purchasing and just finish whatever projects I can, with what I already have on hand.

Example: I had a big framed picture of a pear in our dining room that I stopped liking…oh…about a year ago. Instead of shopping around on etsy or buying new paint supplies to create something new, last week I replaced the pear painting with one of my kids’ finger paintings. It makes me happy and the kids are quite proud to see their art on display.

(Bonus: it is much simpler to replace the pear painting with kids’ artwork than to hem and haw over prices and what I like best on etsy for two hours one evening. Because I would- two hours. Easily. EASILY. Trading out for the kids’ artwork took 10 minutes.)

Chalk it up to nesting, but I am ready to have some stuff out of my house and ready to slow down the stuff coming in. Use What You’ve Got is the perfect solution, right?


4 thoughts on “A Goal for September

  1. After back to school shopping, this idea sounds great to me! We’ve been doing pretty well with food (and I get such an odd sense of satisfaction when I see the fridge and pantry getting bare), but yeah: No more new project supplies until the old projects are done! Side note/question: Are you sure about 3 more months? Wow! 🙂

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