Use It Up

I am enjoying “Use What You’ve Got” month very much so far.


Today I took down the “curtains” that I had in the back room. Some of you will look at them and say “gosh that is so tacky! Those are clearly old blankets and beach towels.” You may be right. Or maybe my decorating style is just “thrift store eclectic”. Either way- it was time for a change.

Elsewhere in the house, folded up and not being used, I had a pair of curtains from our old house. They are a few inches too short, but still an improvement visually over the beach towel/blanket combo. And I got a small, happy feeling to use what we already had sitting around the house. They will work until I decide I am excited to shop for new curtains one day.


I’ve also plumbed the depths of our pantry and come up with some solid lunch additions. [Maybe this is a good time to interject that I despise making school lunches, and I have only been doing it for two weeks. I am going to send some lunch money so Chicken can eat at school a time or two a week, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. In the meantime, we are on a solid rotation of pb and j and pepperoni and cheese sticks.]

My delight in finding a handful of pretzel sticks and some trail mix to throw in the old lunch bag was waaaaay out of proportion. I love using things up! I hate wasting food! Win/win.

Also on the docket this month: going through our one bin of girl clothes and seeing what I need for the baby. As opposed to, you know, shopping first and figuring out what I actually need second. I am intent, as usual, on keeping our clothes down to a minimum for this baby. Too many kids’ clothes makes me cranky.


I can’t write today without saying something about 9/11. I remember where I was- doesn’t everyone? I lived in Charlottesville and was staying with a family while I waited tables on the Corner. I came out of my room and Lisa asked me where my Dad worked- she knew he was somewhere in NoVa and wanted to know if he worked at the Pentagon. Then she told me what happened and was still happening.

Grounds (UVA’s campus) that day was strangely quiet. They had wheeled big televisions into the libraries and kept the news on all day. We didn’t know what we were seeing unfold, but no one could look away.

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