A Little Friday Reading

Hoping my weekend includes plenty of this.

From me to you:

1. I have not read enough Wendall Berry. He is revered by many friends of mine, and I am fascinated by the life he has chosen (that he doesn’t always recommend). A local friend-of-several-friends wrote about his time with Berry here. Good reading, when I am tempted to wish away my three particular “interruptions”; too often in favor of productivity and accomplishing the neverending to-do list. Sometimes those to-dos should trump, often they should not.

2. My friend Keely is blogging again! I loved/hated this, and it generated a good discussion on her facebook page. Seems many of us can relate to her, and the feeling of losing contact with yourself in motherhood. (If we ever had contact with ourselves to begin with? That’s another blog post…).

3. Another friend is blogging about Financial Peace University, the Dave Ramsey course on financial management. I love her description of blowing through money without thought. I would have been on that trip with her, except hemming and hawing over every little nickel and not allowing myself to enjoy France fully as a result. Which approach sounds worse? It’s a toss-up, really.

Happy Friday to you! On my docket: use up a few gift cards that have been languishing for too long. Massage! Dinner at The Local! Coffee! Use it up!

One thought on “A Little Friday Reading

  1. I’ve been reading your friend’s blog about FPU–very interesting! I really like reading her thoughts on it.

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