Hold Onto Your Hats

This months’ goal is EXCITING.

Are you ready for it?

You sure?

Okay. Here goes:

Keep my inbox at 20 emails or less. Every day.

Woohoo! That’s it. Deal with the emails. Reply, answer the question, delete, or put in a folder. And enjoy a quiet inbox.

In non-goal-related updates, remember this trip from two years ago? We attempted it again this weekend. My husband took the two big kids camping from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. They came home sunburned and happy.

I joined up on Saturday afternoon, and the baby and I made it to midnight. He woke up, ready to party, and I hadn’t even fallen asleep yet. I decided to cut our losses and bail before the true middle-of-the-night set in. We got home at 1:00 am and I can’t say I regret the decision. 37 degrees, people! I couldn’t muster the fortitude.

Other goal for the month: avoid the pregnancy waddle. It is coming for me, but I’m hoping to dodge it another few weeks. Let’s be honest- it flatters no one.

3 thoughts on “Hold Onto Your Hats

  1. Why is keeping the inbox clean so impossible? I currently have 235 unread. And I just had it clean a few days ago. And it seems like I’ve been unsubscribing faithfully. Maybe you can crack the secret to inbox control for all of us.

    • 235??? Holy smokes.

      I don’t have a ton of emails to juggle for work, so I think I have a little head-start on a lot of full-time working friends. I’ll let you know what secrets I uncover…

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