Brain Dump

1. My goal of keeping my inbox clean (less than 20 emails) is going so-so. I have been more diligent in responding and then archiving or deleting. Lingering emails and a massive inbox make me feel like I’m missing important things (which I usually am). So I like just moving through emails and dumping them.

Some of the emails serve as reminders, like the Zappos shipping confirmation that reminds me to return the three pairs of shoes that I am not keeping. (I also have a huge box sitting in our bedroom. Some might consider that enough of a reminder. Meh.) It would probably feel better to just add “return shoes to Zappos” to my to-do list and archive the email. Too many “reminders” in too many different places and I, again, feel like I’m missing important things.

Huh. Now that I type all of that out, I realize I have a to-do list on the fridge, in my purse, and in my email inbox. That feels potentially ineffective. Must stop using email as a to-do list, stat. I don’t like lingering in email-land any longer than necessary so why make my inbox do double duty?


2. I took the boys to the playground today because- GLORY- the sun came out for a few hours. I met a mom who is 39 weeks pregnant and she informed me she is having her membranes stripped tomorrow. When I say “met”, I mean I handed her a picnic bag she had packed and we exchanged “how far along are you”s. Then she told me about the imminent stripping.

I am not squeamish or proper about these things; rather, it just struck me as funny. Hi! I don’t know your name! But good luck with those membranes! Welp… See ya later!

3. A few Mondays ago I woke up early, as is my custom, to clean our bathrooms. My husband and I have come to an understanding that he should either a) get out of the house and go running during this time or b) get out of bed and busy himself with some sort of general cleaning task. Staying in bed is not a great option, though I should be a grown-up and just be okay with the fact that we don’t all have to suffer at the same time. Just because I think grumpy thoughts over the toilet bowl at 6:30 a.m. doesn’t mean everyone should, right?


Long story short is that he informed me that he will be in charge of bathrooms from here on out because I am in my third trimester, for crying out loud. He has tackled them by himself and then, also, floated the idea hiring someone to come clean every few weeks. For bathrooms, floors, baseboards- whatever. Well, twist my arm andOKAYLET’SDOIT!

This is a long way of saying that we have someone coming to clean tomorrow and I realize that I should probably do some pre-cleaning cleaning. Right? Clear surfaces? Put laundry away? I don’t know what else. Tips appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. God bless your husband. Mine tells me all of the time to just set up someone to come every 2 weeks — I’m an idiot for not having done this yet, but I digress. Definitely try to clear surfaces – even if it means consolidating everything onto the kitchen table so all other surfaces are clear. 😉

  2. You will come to dread the day that your cleaner comes because it does require you to clear surfaces, put stuff in its place, but it is totally worth it because of the feeling you get when she’s done and your entire house is clean for a few hours. When I did the cleaning, it was never all clean at the same time because I only had time to do a sections of the house. This helper allows you to have the whole house clean ( maybe not baseboards and windows, etc) and it is a wonderful, albeit fleeting feeling!

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  3. did you just say that your husband (a) got out of bed and (b) offered to clean the bathroom? I was not aware that such things could happen and they couldn’t have happened to a nicer girl.

    yes put away laundry and dishes. look for trash and pitch it. i have had people artfully arrange a paper plate and cup instead of throw anything away.

    we eagerly await news of your membranes.

  4. ugh, i freakin’ love this post! I actually teared up first off because you kind of forget how incredibly crazy and stressful that whole episode with the brain surgery was. . .and second because if I could go back in time and NOT do every mistake item on that list I certainly would. When we had our first newborn I distinctly remember thinking “I could do this all on my own; I alone can sustain this child and keep her from all harm.” Yup, sounds like a crazy person talking. It was a lovely reminder to continue to let dads be dads the way they know how to be, juice boxes-goldfish-and tv first thing in the morning and all. some of your best writing.

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