Life at Home

After eleven days in the hospital, our littlest baby was discharged to come home on Thanksgiving! Appropriate, no?


She is gaining weight well and sleeping like a champ, with the exception of some evening hours here and there when she is restless and discontent. Or maybe I don’t notice her restlessness as much during the day, like I do at night? It is hard to say. But I’m not complaining. (Yet– check back in with me in a few weeks and the evening thing may be less tolerable).

I have not unsubscribed to BabyCenter yet, so I still get my weekly emails to inform me about my 37th week of pregnancy. Also: what to pack for the hospital and what to expect during labor. Too little, too late BabyCenter!

For anyone who is curious, four kids is a lot of kids.

Just in case you were curious.

What I have been thankful for this week (among other things):
1. Friends who bring me ice cream, lattes, and bring my kids home from school for me. I have awesome friends.
2. Neighbors who text me when they are going to Kroger, Trader Joes, CVS, etc. and ask if they can pick anything up for me. Every time, the answer has been yes. Again- awesome friends.
3. Meals from friends.
4. A baby that sleeps a lot.
5. Healthy kids that don’t freak me out when they smooch all over their baby sister.

It is not all rainbows and sparkles and gratitude. Tonight two of the kids melted down at the exact same time, and I am sure passers-by thought I was beating them mercilessly. Their screams were pretty incredible. I wasn’t– beating them, that is. I had just made one of them give away a piece of shiny paper and the other one come inside because it was cold out. TORTURE.

This choppy, rambling post brought to you by a baby who is starting to fuss and a slightly tired mom. Laaaaaater.

8 thoughts on “Life at Home

  1. Love you amazing lady! Praying that God would multiply your sleep and extend all kinds of grace to you and yours.

  2. I agree – you are definitely a rockstar. (And – any possible connection between aforementioned lattes and also mentioned restless baby time? Probably not – that would be too easy.) šŸ™‚

    • sometimes “too easy” is exactly what i overlook. since i read this i have cut out afternoon caffeine consumption just to make sure that isn’t creating restlessness. hard to say, but why chance it? lattes can be reserved for the mornings.

  3. I am behind on my blog reading, and just came to see the news! Congrats on the new little one, and that’s wonderful to hear that all is well despite the early arrival. I’m reading for the pointers on the managing-four part. And laughed about the kids screaming and neighbors wondering. At our beach rental this summer, apparently some neighbors complained that I was yelling at the kids (for climbing over the porch railing over and over after I’d forbidden it). Our landlord called to check that, I don’t know what. Maybe if I was abusing the kids and would admit it over the phone? Nope, I’d just run out of techniques for dealing with naughtiness. Looking forward to hearing how the first weeks go!

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