Brain Dump

1. Yesterday was my due date!

The hat was a gift from Martha Jefferson. Apparently they got box-loads of these little knit hats for their premies and newborns, donated by various church groups. The blanket is from her Granny and the sweater was made for her big brother and might be my favorite hand-me-down.

2. Two of the kids are still excited about their baby sister. And I quote: “I love her so much I could punch her!”. Also heard: “She is so cute I want to squish her!”.

Love hurts, baby sister!

Yes, I said “two”. The third doesn’t care much about her either way.

3. I get why parents just give up on certain things with their kids. Or their selves. I have never skipped my own showers so much or let my toddler wear his pj’s (all day) so much as in these past few weeks.

When it comes down to shower or 20 more minutes of rest, I choose rest. When it comes down to pj’s or wrestling the angry toddler into play clothes, I choose pj’s. Because you know what? It just doesn’t matter that much.

That’s what deodorant and a little extra make up are for.

I don’t think I’ve been this grungy or permissive with the pj’s with any other newborn stage. I just don’t care enough to fight certain battles. Shockingly, the world keeps spinning.

That being said, it is time for my weekly shower so peace out.

(Kidding about “weekly”. I’m more at “bimonthly”. Hahahahaha.)

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