Brain Dump

1. Remember the Thomas shirt? Of course you do.

Well, let me introduce the T-Rex shirt.


Move over, Thomas. You just got upstaged big time. T-Rex is first in the rotation now.

2. I started a new chore/behavior/allowance system thingy for the kids. It involves nickels and string and jars and clothespins and I couldn’t possibly explain it or Pinterest would explode with all the pinning. So you’ll just have to imagine it as a one-stop shop for creating perfect children. Teach them hard work! Good attitudes! And fiscal responsibility! All in one fell swoop.

What I like about this system is that it puts certain things on autopilot. Now Saturdays are “chore days” and the two big kids know what they are responsible for. It’s there on the laminated paper and they know if they want to keep their nickels that they will do their chores.

There’s something good about externalizing it so I’m not coming up with a list of chores for them to do every week and then they can aim their ire at me for not letting them play. No. Instead- we have a system! It’s there on the fridge. Don’t look at me, kids- it’s chore day! Says so up there…

I don’t know. It makes sense to me.

3. If you aren’t sure what to do on any given day because either your list is too long or too short, just pick three things. You can probably get three things done. If you don’t know what to put for number three, make it to drink lots of water.

I know this sounds like Jack Handy and you are waiting for a punchline, but I’m serious. Making a list of just three things to do on any given day makes it easier to ignore the things that aren’t as important, but might try to elbow their way in.

playground day with his favorite little buddy from next door

Example: The other day I had all morning with the two littlest kids and not much to do. I got sort of frantic and started creating a mental list of all of the errands I could run with *just the two kids. Then I referred back to my list of three things, and one was “exercise”. So I bailed on all the errands and, instead, wore the baby in a carrier and pushed the Turkey in the stroller around grounds at UVA and to the playground. Exercise- done. The day was much nicer when I kept it simple, and stuck to my three things.

*It is all relative, isn’t it?

4. My friend Amy and I paired our girls up to be pen pals. Chicken got her letter from her pen pal the other day and just grinned and grinned. Her pen pal is “relly glad that we are pean-pows too”. And she hails from “New Grsy”. Lastly, she really likes the “pickcher” that Chicken put on her letter.

I may have enjoyed reading the letter as much as Chicken. First grade spelling is really fun.


5. Whenever I scroll through facebook lately I see one of those videos: “She was bullied all of her life. What she did next amazed me.” or “No one thought he would amount to anything. When I saw what he said about it my jaw dropped.” And I think UGH DRAMA.

Whenever I click on one of them I hate myself a little bit.

Anyone else? Happy Friday!

this picture always makes me laugh. speaking of drama.


6 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. “If you don’t know what to put for number three, make it to drink lots of water.”
    Totes Jack Handy

    Also, love monkey’s t-Rex pose.

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