Clothes Baskets Can Help You Not Resent Your Children

2015/02/img_1107.jpgI don’t think you’re ready for this belly.

I did a load of laundry today and was struck- again- by how impressed I am by my clothes basket system. We are going on two years now of being dresser-free for the kids. I’m sold. Can I convince anyone else out there that this is a good system for these early years?

The kids each have two baskets. One for their play clothes/church clothes and one for their pjs and underthings. There are a few articles of clothing hung in their closets, but it is pretty minimal- maybe five dresses in the girls’ room and nothing in the boys’ room.

I do laundry according to bedroom, so one day a week I do the boys’ laundry and on another day I do the girls. (The boys share a room and the girls share a room- get it?) Then I put the basket of clean clothes in the room and leave it to the kids to put their clothes away in their baskets. If their clothes start to overflow out of the basket, it’s time to pull a few lesser-loved things out and donate them.

No folding. No delivering clothes to various rooms. No fingers closed in dresser drawers. Pretty minimal work for me. And the kids can collect and bring down their own laundry, so it is one of those chores where they actually pull their own weight.

Child four has her own two little baskets and keeping her clothes to a minimum is great. She has just enough pjs and clothes to last about a week. And- my favorite- I just bagged up a bunch of her three-month clothes and know that she wore the heck out of every article of clothing.* I don’t like realizing I missed the chance to dress her in something awesome because it was at the bottom of a massive pile of clothes I could not keep up with. (My own pet peeve.)

My apologies to all my readers who couldn’t give two hoots about laundry or baskets or kids’ clothes. Or who read about this two years ago and are thinking “blah blah blah this is old news”. This is just what is on my mind today.

*Any local friends want a bag of newborn/0-3 mo clothes? That includes a halo sleep sack that we were gifted from Martha Jefferson when baby three was born. I say “gifted” but let’s be honest I paid a lot of money for that sucker.

6 thoughts on “Clothes Baskets Can Help You Not Resent Your Children

    • I didn’t even think of that- you are a genius. If it is not weird that the sleep sack is labeled “Martha Jefferson Hospital”… it is all yours.

  1. I’m all for any chore in which kids are actually pulling their own weight. We have cubbies in the laundry room. One child never takes clothes out of the cubby. He just gets dressed from there. I do fold them (roughly), but that’s it. Yeah, no need to fight over putting things away in drawers/on hangers.

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