Brain Dump

1. In a surprise to NO ONE who has ever read this blog and noticed my constant aspirations to simplifying… this idea intrigues me. My sister posted it on my facebook wall and then a day later a friend emailed it to me. That’s a sign from the interweb gods, if I ever saw one.

2015/04/img_0978.jpgIn happier, albeit blurry, times. Before PaperbagGate 2015.

2. My oldest came home yesterday and was- ahem- highly resistant to putting her bookbag away. There was some complaining and questions about why she should have to, etc etc. So today I sent her to school with a paper bag for her stuff. If she can’t take care of what she has, she will not have it- see how that works?

She was really unhappy about it, because it brings in the embarrassment factor. It is embarrassing to walk into school with a paper bag, instead of a bookbag. Everyone else will have a bookbag.

Before I was a parent I would have been much more calloused to this reaction. But I am surprised by how hard it is to see her suffer, or be fearful, even if she totally earned it with her crappy attitude. I thought I would be…stronger? Less affected? But- seeing her tears and how…uhhh…mortified she was made me question my choice.

(I still sent her to school with a paper bag. Because chores are important, and so is holding the line).

3. A few days ago a texted my bff in Roanoke and asked her to pick up a chair for me off Craigslist. It is a beautiful chair at a great price and I had to grab it up. Look at me- totally inconveniencing a friend, with no clear game plan as to how I will work out the details. (Like, say, how I will get the chair from Roanoke to here.) I am, officially, my mother! And I might need to rethink that post title.


7 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. Yes! Do the capsule! I want to see what you come up with. And as for the bag, you are a much stronger mom than I ever was when mine were that age. I would have totally caved. Which probably has much to do with why I am a cauldron of seething resentment over chores today (at age 17 for both of them). Stand strong! Signed, The Voice of (Bad) Experience.

    • ha! thanks for the vote of support in parenting!

      i can’t see myself actually taking pictures of my clothes or- ha- myself in my clothes BUT i will happily use way too many words to describe the capsule, how i feel about the capsule, what i like, don’t like, etc if i ever do it.

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