My Clothes in the New House

*This will only be remotely interesting if you like reading or thinking about organizing/keeping the home/etc. Otherwise- you might want to skip this and just tune in next time. If you keep reading you can see a fuzzy picture of my closet. Wheeeeeee!!!!!!*

As I mentioned before, we just moved into our new house. We don’t anticipate moving anytime soon. On the contrary- we hope to stay for a long, long time.

I love that. It means I can unpack my stuff and buy or not buy furniture and pitch things knowing that this is the space we’re in. Furniture that family members have stored for us can come out of hiding and be put to use (or passed on to someone else). Because there is no “next house” to save furniture for- this is it!

In unpacking my clothes and bedroom stuff I thought about what I did not like from our previous houses, in terms of my clothes storage. So I am changing two things in the new house. The first is: no more storing off-season or maternity clothes in the attic. Getting in and out of the attic is a minor pain and I always seems to have a pile of things that needs to go up there or come down. This time- all my clothes will be in my room, all the time. This is totally helped by the fact that I am no longer storing maternity clothes. For the first time in SEVEN YEARS. Glory.

The second: no more clothes storage under our very-high, very-easy-to-shove-seventeen-boxes-under-it-bed. Every time we move, we talk about keeping the space under the bed clear. It looks so nice that way and let’s talk about how pleasant it would be to actually vacuum under the bed more than once when we move in and again when we move out. Well- you guys- what if we actually did it this time? I mean, what if we didn’t accummulate four years of dust under the bed, hidden by various bins and boxes? It is a wild idea, but I’m ready to try it. Seriously. Watch me.

This means that all of my clothes will go in my closet (no dresser anymore!) and that’s it. And I want to be able to put all of my clothes away easily, even when I am all caught up on laundry. (Sound familiar?) My version of a wardrobe capsule will not be determined by a number, but by the size of my closet.

It helps that I have a nice-sized closet and a row of built-in shelves on the side. And it is mine. All mine. My husband has his own closet.

Observe, via a fuzzy ipad photo:

2015/05/img_1148.jpgIf that is your blue and white scarf on the far left of my hanging stuff, please claim it. I have tried all of my sitters and tons of friends, to no avail. You left it on our coat hooks in the old house and I really like it and want to wear it now, but am too embarrassed to because of obvious reasons. I also don’t want to donate it. It is in scarf purgatory. Save it.

If you are trying to whittle down your clothes so they all fit in the space you have, I highly recommend having a friend come over and help. My friend Lisa came over and unpacked most of my closet stuff and gave me a few supportive nudges to pitch things I was on the fence about. Young Life shirt from 1999? You didn’t make the cut.

We have been here for 6 days and so far I adore my new clothes storage method. I’m positive I will continue with this level of organization, idealism, and thoughtfulness, so count on that fo’ sure. No backsliding here! No way!

More thoughts on moving/unpacking/scarves that aren’t mine to come in future weeks. Lucky for you!!!!!

3 thoughts on “My Clothes in the New House

  1. What? YL 99? So I guess the “I hung with thumper” didn’t make it either? Ha!
    I just organized my closet today and put the wintery clothes back in my big tote bin, that I store in the closet too.
    But I need a friend to come over and help me purge. Good idea! tY!

  2. Personally, I look forward to more unpacking thoughts.
    And I say wear the scarf. Maybe you’ll find it’s home that way. I used a water bottle I found at church and found it’s rightful owner. Only slightly awkward…

  3. Less is so much more, for just about everything. Since reading your post about wanting to go with a capsule wardrobe, I’ve been purging and organizing and adding back in only (a few) things I really love that go together. Appreciate the inspiration!

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