House Stuff

We have been in our new house for two months now. Just recently I had a burst of energy to put stuff on the walls. After pulling mirrors/pictures/canvases out of boxes and staring at them for (cumulatively) hours, unable to make a single decision about where anything should go, I called and had a friend help me hang some stuff up yesterday. She had opinions and was decisive; two things I needed. Glory! We have the beginnings of a gallery wall above the staircase.

2015/07/img_1188.jpgSo many emotions in one picture

I ask people for their opinions pretty often. Left to my own devices I would still be pulling pots and pans out of boxes in the kitchen because I cannot decide on *the* perfect spot for them to go.

Speaking of kitchens! When we unpacked our kitchen, I had a friend help me. I told her I wanted the kids to be able to unload the dishwasher and set the table, without my help. I also recalled this post, about making the most hated chore somewhat easier. My most hated chore is unloading the dishwasher.
2015/07/img_1187.jpgBesties for life

Now the dishes go in a low drawer immediately next to the dishwasher (easier to unload!) and the kids can access everything they need in the kitchen. Little things like this- where the kids can do more things for themselves AND for the rest of our family- go a long way. (You have heard this from me before).

Let’s see… What other details of my home life can I mesmerize you with?

The previous owners of our house renovated it from top to bottom. I actually think they sanded/pounded/poured/handled every single square foot of this house. Incredible. They added thoughtful details that I am still discovering. One of our kids’ favorite details of the entire house is the cubby under the stairs. This week the cubby got white lights. Behold:

2015/07/img_1185.jpgThe scabby knees of summer.

Happy 4th!


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