Taps mic.

Is this thing still on?

Well.  I am still here.  

And I saw that someone in Lithuania is reading my blog (maybe at this exact moment!) so I better get back to writing.  Hello, Lithuania!  Let me entertain you!  


this blog has a cute baby!

Let’s do some general updates, in list form to allow for my laziness:

1.  House: We have been in our new house for almost three months now.  The dining room remains the room where half-emptied boxes go to die.  Periodically I go in there and shuffle a few things around, then decide that something much more pressing must be attended to elsewhere.  I re-enter the dining room a few days later, experience a spasm of overwhelm at the piles, then leave again.  Repeat for three months.  

2.  Children: We still have them.  They keep making messes and asking me to give them food.  Repeat hourly for infinity.  


We had a good couple of weeks where this was the toddler’s summatime uniform. Safety first!

Summer with my kids has been great.  I have loved loved loved having Chicken home from school.  The three oldest kids seem to gel much better as a threesome than when they pair up.  Pairing seems to lead to bickering.  But the three together will often come up with awesome games like “racetrack” and “let’s play with containers of water”.  I don’t know.  They have fun together.  

And let’s not forget the baby.  She is adored by her siblings.  If the toddler wakes up in a funk, I just point the baby in his general direction and he gets all mushy gushy happy.  She is guaranteed to turn those frowns upside down.  


funk you up

3.  School: Starts on the 19th!  Boo.  I am not ready for summer to end.  Chicken will go to second grade up the street at Venable, Monkey will stay home with me for “homeschool kindergarten” (picture me doing large, exaggerated air quotes as I say that), and the toddler will go to preschool two mornings a week.

4.  General health: Three trips to Urgent Care and various medications later, our family is healthy!  The next time you notice me with a gross sounding hacking cough, and then you see me again five days later and nothing has changed, refuse to talk to me any more until I go see a doctor.  I ignored a cough for…uhh…three weeks and that, apparently, is not how to one gets rid of a gross hacking cough.  Oops.  All better now!  Thanks, modern medicine!

Normally I would love to go on and on about my life but this ipad is giving me the business and I have no patience for it.  What is happening with my pictures? No idea. Just going to hit “publish”.

3 thoughts on “Hellllooooo

  1. We’ve been in our ‘real home’ for 6 weeks and yeah, I am not expecting to feel moved in for another few months.
    P.S. Reading your blog makes me want a fourth baby. Crazy because we are barely surviving three.

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