Brain Dump

Hello from Charlottesville, on a chilly, rainy Friday.

kids held by their dad=always cute

kids held by their dad, looking over his shoulder=always cute

Some things.  In no particular order:

1.  There is an entire category of things that happen to people because they are old.  I noticed these things in my 20’s, from a safe distance.  “Old” was far away.  Here are a few examples:

  • joint pain or a bad knee just because [not due to- say- a recent soccer injury]
  • “I don’t sleep well when I’m not in my own bed”
  • taking a long time to get over a cold
  • “sleeping in” means 7:45 (whaaaaat? in what universe???)
  • drinking coffee black

I’m 37 and a few of these things are coming true in my life.  What would  you add to the list?

2.  My husband arrives back in town tonight.  He’s been gone for ten of the last twelve days.  He took the boys with him for seven of those days, and his parents had them while he worked.

I missed the boys, and also tried to take advantage of their absence.  It was fun to enjoy a quiet house and get some home’ish things done.  I did stuff like trade out all the summer clothes for winter clothes, hang curtain rods and new curtains, and eat cereal for dinner.  I got rid of five bags of clothes.  I don’t know why I enjoy that feeling so much, but I do.  Finishing things- even finishing with clothes- feels nice.

I tried to refer back to my own rules about kids’ clothes, because sometimes I am really smart and totally know how to do things.

free shirt.  go hoos go!

free shirt. go hoos go!

3.  It has been raining for at least seventy two weeks straight and I am considering something like this light.  I did that month of getting outside a couple of years ago, but that’s not a great option with a dumb old hurricane sweeping through.  Maybe a “happy light” will help me feel peppier in this dreary weather.  (Although, by the time the light arrives the sun will probably be out again.  And then you’ll read about me purging the light as clutter.)

It seems like a nice little gizmo for winter days.  But essential oils seemed nice too and I’m not positive they have helped much.  (Though they certainly haven’t hurt…except the initial cost of the oils).  Anyone care to weigh in on a “happy light”?

4.   One of the best and most practical things my husband has taught me is how to install drywall anchors.  I used to put up curtain rods or pictures with just nails or screws and hope they didn’t come crashing down.  But I opted for drywall anchors that can support a small elephant when I put the curtain rods up last week (see number 2).  Sure enough, Chicken came in from school and immediately tugged the heck out of those drapes and piddly screws would have ripped out of the wall.  Yay for drywall anchors!  Tug away, kids.

The drywall anchor thing came to a head several houses/apartments ago when I was impatient for my husband to hang crap up for me.  Nagging and impatience didn’t motivate him [shocker].  He finally just taught me how to do it, in the name of “teaching a man to fish” and all of that.  Power tools are my friend now.

5.  Two years ago this was in full swing.  The Monkey continues to do very well, with no lingering effects of the tumor or the brain surgery.  If it weren’t for the memories it is as if it did not happen, health-wise.  Goodness upon goodness.


gob: beeeeees? lindsey: no, beads! gob: bees? bzzzzzzz! -arrested development

6.  Imagine my shock and horror to see this sly creature in our back yard recently.  Scared the crap out of me.  It just sat there, all calm and patient, watching our lovely little bunny hop around as innocent as a bunny does, when he doesn’t know he is going to be eaten later.



I immediately took to the interwebs and asked facebook what to do.  (Fb is the new google, btw.)  The responses were not heartening, though several friends offered to come pee in my yard “if that would help”.  (Pee to scare the fox away?  And/or scare me into staying in my house for the rest of the week?  Both/and.)

George the bunny still lives, but that is because we bring him in every night.  This falls under the category of “unsustainable”.   Meanwhile, a friend texted me a “Fox News Alert” (hehehehe) that one of her chickens had gotten foxed the other night.  We are all just sitting ducks here, as far as I can tell.  George won’t last a night out there.

hashtag save george.

hashtag save george.

7.  Lists are supposed to be in odd numbers.  Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. Happy lights do indeed work but I am not sure about causing happiness or just staving off seasonal affective disorder. Spent some long stretches underwater and those help.

  2. 1. Of course Bob Amacker has “spent some long stretches underwater.”

    2. My mom just called and said she bought a brand new Corolla and I thought to myself “yes you did because you’re a grandma.” File under things that happen to people when they’re old.

  3. 1. Yes at 37, almost 38, my joints hurt just because. I limp after being cross legged on the floor for an hour.
    2. I messed up dry wall anchors so bad I had to call our handyman to fix it all. I guess I should have paid him for a lesson instead of paying him to install six IKEA picture ledges.
    3. I don’t have anything else to add but lists should be odd numbers, yes?

  4. Mrs Darcy recommends a similar sunlight surrogate lamp which I’m really thinking of getting for myself, and that’s with living in Middle East where the winters are not too much vs North America ones. I just hate the gray so so much.

    • I have enjoyed my little happy lamp so far! Like many other things I do, I’m not sure if it actually “works” but it helps me in that I know that I am taking care of myself purposefully…if that makes sense.

      And yes to hating the gray. We are on day four of rain here and it is the pits. (And that’s just four days!)

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