Brain Dump

Happy January!

Nothing like the playground in winter!

It is the month of organizing, getting in shape, and rallying cries of “Things are Going to Change Around Here!”.  I like a fresh start as much as the next person, so count me in for all of the above.  

Here’s what is happening around here, in brain dump format:

1.  A daily schedule and clear expectations for afternoon nap time and room time.  My husband traveled for work two weeks ago, and it was his longest work trip yet.  Five days of solo parenting and the kids pretty much ate me alive in the afternoons.  The baby’s nap was regularly interrupted by certain children that were not honoring the room time expectations.  Those expectations are: stay in your room.  Play quietly.  Come out if you are bleeding or on fire.  

Room times were a joke and I leaned on screen time/the electronic babysitter as my only hope in life.  I didn’t hold the line at all.  

So I had a feeling of defeat at the end of the week, as well as the distinct feeling that I was at my children’s mercy.  And- my friends- it should not be so.  I am the adult, they are children.  There is a unique feeling of security that they gain by me being who I am supposed to be (the One in Charge) and them being who they are supposed to be (Not in Charge).  I dropped the ball on that every afternoon for a week and no one flourished.  

Enter the schedule.  And clear expectations of room time.  And daily chores (just a few, plus the normal clearing-of-the-table type stuff).  Last week felt markedly different, and much better, as a result.  Everyone is happier. 

(I am too embarrassed and lazy to go back and see how many times I have written a similar entry in this blog.  Because this is a very familiar cycle in our house.  In a few weeks I will slack off…and things will eventually get rowdy and unenjoyable again…and you will see another blog post about schedules and expectations pop up.  You heard it here first.  Such is the rhythm of a family.)  

2.  Bullet Journaling.  Okay, so I just started this a couple of days ago.  But I am wildly optimistic.  My usual system is to have various to-do lists and notes to myself started and scattered in various places.  There is the wall calendar, plus the notebook in my purse, plus the legal pad by my bed.  Let’s consolidate those, shall we?  The bullet journal is a one-stop shop.  And doesn’t rely on my iPhone or iPad, which I like.  I am a pen and paper person to the end.  

3.  Stitch Fix.*  I know, I know.  Next I will be peddling essential oils and trying for a book deal from this blog.  And other bloggy types of things.  (Side note: I use and like eo’s so I must be thiiiiis close to a book deal!)  But after hearing about Stitch Fix from other bloggers and then from local friends, I gave it a try.  My sister-in-law gifted me the stylist fee for Christmas to get me started and it was quite fun.  Just as I had heard, the clothes were pricier than anything I would get for myself on my average day of shopping.  But I also didn’t have to entertain my 14 month old in a dressing room while the preschooler looked under other people’s doors and reported back to me on what he saw.  So I feel like I’m still coming out on top.

Stitch Fix sends five items per box and I kept one of the five.  I liked the others a lot, but only really LOVED the one jacket I chose.  I paid $70 for it(my sister-in-laws’ stylist fee gift counted toward the cost), but have already worn it about every other day since I got it.  So price per wear means it is totes worth it.  Kind of like my favorite jeans, which cost an arm and a leg but I wear them probably five days a week.  So I haven’t had a single regret.  

No, I will not take a selfie in my new jacket.  Too embarrassing.  Can’t do it.  

*You should know that if you sign up through this link, I will get a referral credit to my account.  I am telling you that in the spirit of total disclosure.  Also know that I have never made a dime off of the endless wisdom I share here on this blog.  So I guess my own price per blogging ratio is failing me somewhat.  Maybe I can recoup five years of writing in Stitch Fix dollars.*    

That’s all from me.  I keep meaning to do a “best of 2015” post (like this one) but keep stalling out.  Who has time, what with all of these new clothes and bullet journaling to keep up with?  

Any other bullet journalers out there?


6 thoughts on “Brain Dump

    • Close your eyes and conjure up an army-green jacket, much like the one that many others are wearing at this time. I am totes trending.

      A regular Stitch Fix is something I would do on the regular if I could. Under the category of little luxuries, you know? It is pretty fun.

  1. I love those dead-looking kids on the swings. 🙂

    So, I’ve been seeing references to bullet journals everywhere, and I clicked on that link and read most of it and still feel like I don’t really get what one is. What’s the bullet all about? Does that mean it only had bulleted lists? Am I over-thinking this? And I’m still not really seeing the benefit. I would like something to help me stay more organized all in one place, but I’m not seeing how this is something different.

    And you just might get me to try Stitch Fix. Just so you can be a rich blogger. 😉

    • I think time will tell if the bullet journal helps me or not. The appeal for me is that it creates a system so I have everything in one place and it is organized so I can find it. I tend to have several lists running at once and then I can’t find them, so I start over and lose information in the process. The whole index thing seems to help with that, rather than flipping through all the current scraps of paper in my purse and in various notebooks– my current system.

      I also like the idea of little bullet notes on a day that aren’t task-oriented, but just a place to keep a memory. Like yesterday, regarding our friend/sitter’s bday: “Celebrated Joanna’s birthday today! She opened presents, ate cookies with the kids, then- after I left for work- the bathroom pipe leaked from the upstairs into the downstairs. Happy birthday to Joanna!”. Or from the day before- “Today C [the 3 year old] told me he wants to be a water bottle when he grows up.”

      I won’t sit down and journal those things out, or blog all of them. So I like that the bullet journal would be a quick place to put that stuff to paper, and then I mark it with what she calls a “signifier”- I chose a heart.

      But- again- time will tell. But it seems like something I might like.

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