Brain Dump

Greetings from Charlottesville on this cold Friday afternoon.

1.  If you want your kids to enjoy their perfectly good playroom again, but they keep NOT enjoying it, here are two tips for you:

  • Clean it up*
  • Move things around.  I’m not talking about moving furniture (necessarily).  I am talking about taking that basket of cars that is usually on the floor and putting it on the bookcase.  Move a stack of books onto the couch.  Get a large Tupperware and group all the red cars together in it.  You know how your eye moves over familiar spaces and doesn’t see anything new?  Change things up by moving them around, and see if your kids notice books or toys in a new way.  

*If you want to read extensively about how tidy’ish, pared-down play areas are great for kids, check out Simplicity Parenting from your library.  That book speaks my language.  

2.  My five year old and I are 8 days into NOT biting our fingernails.  It has been an lifelong habit of mine that comes and goes.  He started biting his nails a year ago.  It was his idea to stop, even though we’ve tried to curtail it in different ways over the year.  This time he was into the challenge.  We are using nasty tasting stuff that we paint on every few days.  Totes effective. Fingernails or bust!

3.    We are doing a few minor changes to a house that we own and want to put on the market.  It has mostly gone okay and we have great people taking care of the work AND we do not even live there.  Even so.  When the city turned the water on and water started bubbling up through the yard and we had to troubleshoot that?  Or when the vanities I chose highlight the plumbing to the wall, instead of hide it?  Or when it is too cold to do exterior painting, and there is no warmer weather on the horizon? It confirms what I have long suspected- I would never want to deal with a big, legit renovation.  No thank you.  My hat is off to you, DIY’ers.  You have all of my admiration.  

Lots of time in Lowes lately. Lots.

4. My five year old recently discovered the joy deejaying the radio in our kitchen.  He landed on a “Classic Country” station, which immediately takes me back to my high school years.  Who can name the major hit of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band?  Who knows all the lyrics to “John Deere Green”?  And don’t even get me started on Diamond Rio- some of those songs still bring a tear to my eye.  Go Vikes!  High school forevah!

5 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. I used to find that the best way to get my kids interested in their toys was to sort them for donation. 🙂 I finally realized it was like you said–they just stopped seeing them. When I started moving them into “keep” and “discard” piles, they could again.

    And, I’m pretty much with you on the whole DIY thing. I’ve realized that I actually do not much love DIY. I love having done. The doing? Not so much.

    Mr. Bojangles?

  2. Your comment over at the Lazy Genius just rocked my world and I had to come check out your blog. I’ve really enjoyed poking around over here! We moved to Colorado 3 years ago from Northern Virginia.

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