What I Like About My Bullet Journal

I like keeping a book log!  

I have read 33 books this year.  I record the title, author, and date that I finished it.  If I like the book a lot, I put a star next to it.  

worth documenting

That’s it.  No ratings.  Pen and paper, because I don’t want another thing that entices me to be online. 

I also have a section called “Books to Read” where I- wait for it- write down titles of books I want to read.  I get a lot of ideas from Modern Mrs Darcy, but also from browsing Barnes and Noble, or seeing a friend recommend something on Facebook.  We are in walking distance to two libraries and I have a fairly consistent list of books on hold.  

Writing down the books I have read motivates me to read more.  I don’t know why, but it does.  I like seeing those journal pages filled up with what I see as a record of time well spent.  

Other categories in my bullet journal:

Gift ideas

House and kid spending (we don’t do the cash envelope system anymore, so this keeps me generally aware if I am staying in our budgeted amounts)

Birthday planning 

The bullet journal means I am not searching for which legal pad or envelope I wrote that list on a week ago.  It’s all in one place, and I like that.

i love how easy entertainment can be at this stage

I also use it for occasional memorable quotes, such as “I hate the world when it is raining outside.” (Sometimes I do too!) or my son remarking “Your sister is kind of nicer than you because she paid for my Spider-Man coloring book.” Finally, at a soccer game a few weeks ago:

“Mommy, did you see that incest?” 



“Oh.  Yeah.”


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