Things About Me That Used to Feel Like Lame Things, But Now I Don’t Care Anymore

Here are three things about me that…well…just read the title.

1.  I don’t care for most live music.  I know!  All the cool kids looooove a good concert.  Not me.  There are a million other ways I would prefer to spend my evening.

Nine shows out of ten I am like “ehhh…I’m tired of standing…This music is too loud…I can’t even hear the person next to me…My back hurts…”.  Then I go home and shake my cane at the kids on my lawn.  

Exception: outdoor concerts that are conducive to sitting and chatting and hearing one’s neighbor.  (Like the Lumineers at the Pavilion last month!!!)

2.  I don’t care much for beer, wine, or chocolate.  I know!  How am I a woman in her late 30’s who doesn’t just LIVE for wine and chocolate at the end of the day?  This is the stereotype that has sprung a thousand memes!

You don’t understand me at all.

But-for real- I could not have any of those things for the rest of my life and I would be perfectly fine.  I mean- I will always choose a chocolate chip cookie over oatmeal raisin.  Because I like chocolate more than dried fruit, as far as desserts go.

This does not amuse me.

But I choose a vanilla-based ice cream over chocolate.  Always.  And am juuuust fine with a taste of wine, and that’s it.  Beer-meh.  I’ll pass.  

3.  Loud parties strike me as fun about once a year.  Oh gosh- no.  What am I thinking?  Maybe every four years.

Like, when the stars align I am ON for a loud party.  I’m cracking jokes and dancing and making some stellar small talk.  Try to stop me!  

But most of the time a loud party has the same effect as live music.  Just get me back home and on my couch, thanks.  With a carton of vanilla-based ice cream.


I used to sort of feel self-conscious about #1 and #3.  It seems like fun people like concerts and parties.  But I don’t and now I don’t care anymore.  The only time I care about #2 is when I am offered beer or wine and need to answer that- nope- I am not opposed to either, I just don’t like either of them.  But knock yourself out.

Is there anything you used to feel lame about, but now you don’t?  I’m all ears.


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