I have a new plant on my front porch, gifted to me from one neighbor. Another one sent her kids over with some strawberries that are so good I cannot stop eating them…  Another neighbor and I talked about trading off childcare later this week.  And that was all just yesterday.
I am thankful for my neighbors and how we take care of each other.
I am thinking of many of them, in particular, as idiots from the KKK arrive in Charlottesville tomorrow to promote hate and stupidity. I am praying for peace, and that my neighbors would know they are loved. May I always, always show that in words and in my actions.
If you are the praying type, please join in praying against the evil that will be rallying downtown tomorrow. There will be those who show up in even greater numbers to bring peace and strength against the KKK.
The KKK embodies some underlying assumptions that are well established here in Cville- that my skin (white) makes me better than you, with your black skin.  This ideology is alive and well in our little progressive city.  Our liberal city. Our blue-voting city.   
It sickens me.  I am going back and forth about what to do tomorrow.  Some city leaders are asking citizens to avoid it all– don’t give the KKK any attention.  Others are saying hell no.
In the meantime, between now and then, I am praying actively for our community.  For my black friends who are watching this unfold a few blocks away, in the city they have grown up in.  I also mourn that many of them are not the least bit surprised by what is coming tomorrow.
Come, Lord Jesus.

5 thoughts on “Charlottesville

  1. Oh, Katherine, that makes me soooo sad! I am praying for you, your neighbors and Charlottesville!

    Yes, come Lord Jesus!

  2. I was so disturbed to see that this KKK rally was being held there. Yes, even so come, Lord Jesus!!

  3. That is so sad. I don’t understand how people can show hate to other people they don’t even know. We are all the same and each individual person has worth in God’s eyes. I definitely speak up for myself and kids and family, but going out of your way to mistreat or be blatantly hateful to others for no reason is something I have never and never will understand.

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