B, W, W.

When we are eating dinner we often ask our kids for their “best, worst, weirdest” of the day.  Here’s mine:

  1.  Best: Finding this book in our Little Free Library.  Score!IMG_80521
  2. Worst: Waiting 20 minutes for dinner at Wendy’s and finally giving up and leaving.  I am eating lime Tostitos for dinner and not in a good way.
  3. Weirdest: Noticing that a section of my childs’ eyelashes were suddenly shorter.  His brother gave him a trim.


I would love to hear your best, worst, weirdest of the day.

Also, I am pretty sure we learned B, W, W from this friend and her family.  If we storm her blog and give her tens of page views, do you think she’ll write again?


4 thoughts on “B, W, W.

  1. Best: flying to visit a high school friend for the weekend.
    Worst: said friend is in Florida, a state currently in the path of the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic.
    Weirdest: a dad at the bus stop this morning made reference to his nipples being seen through his shirt when “I’ve had too much sodium.” Help me out. Is this a thing? Do men’s nipples get bigger when they have too much sodium?

  2. I love this! Going to use this. Tried to comment on your blog but had some technical difficulties. Hope you are well! Xo

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