When I Was Five…

This happened:


My memories of it are iffy at best.  For example, I once piped up about how I remember standing in the snow, seeing the fire…and was informed there was no snow.  Huh.  That’s embarrassing.

I wrote some thoughts about it here.

My sister posted this picture on Facebook today, then followed up with this after she (understandably) got a lot of questions about what the heck happened:

Brief synopsis: I was in 2nd grade, my family of 6 were all at home, kerosene heater malfunctioned and our rickety old farmhouse burned very quickly while we watched from the front yard in our pjs. No one was injured but we lost the whole house except a few random things, mostly from the stone wing on the left, which was our family room. My dad opened the bible “randomly” to the Isaiah passage that night from our neighbors guest house and it’s been a special passage ever since. Also being the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, my life long takeaway is that people and relationships have lasting value, everything else is wood, hay, and stubble, which is always a good reminder in the month of December!

That’ll preach.  Merry Advent, once again.


2 thoughts on “When I Was Five…

  1. wow. I remember that well. It was winter. Snow came soon after so you probably stood in the snow and looked at the burnt house. I recall iceskating on the peroperty you were staying. The ice was not solid and my one leg broke through the ice up to my knee. There you go….. wood, hay, stubble and ice.
    Love to all of you this season.

    • i never ever considered that i may have stood in snow and looked at the house after the fact– though surely i did. thanks for that detail! makes me feel slightly less sheepish…

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