Brain Dump

  1.  Things I am dreading: taking down our outdoor lights.  #nothankyou
  2. If you have a bagless vacuum it will work better if you empty the canister once in a while.  #likeanewvacuum
  3. Thing my husband was right about and I was totally skeptical but willing to go along and now I’m happy that he was right and I was wrong: getting a wood stove.  #cozylivingroom #nonexistentheatingbills #winwin
  4. For January I am putting the brakes on my personal spending.  I have been click-clicking away on Amazon (after googling “What skin products should an almost 40 year old use?”  #toomanydifferentanswers #buyalittleofeverything).  Also on thredup (new yoga clothes for cheap!), and then back to Amazon (books…a sweatshirt that covers my bum when I wear my new yoga clothes…).  And so on.  I’m fine to spend in the name of socializing but not in the name of boredom or mindlessness.  I decided that then quickly found jeans I like for a mere $28, down from $80.  Who will buy them for me and then sell them to me in February?  #jk




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