How I Read A Lot of Books

A friend asked me how I read a lot of books in 2017.  My final count was 81.  I’ve read 15 books in 2018.  Here are my secrets:

  1.  I read whatever I want, and a lot of it is fluffy and easy to read.  I’m not logging a lot of hours reading War and Peace.  Last year I read a ton of memoirs and some YA fiction, which tend to move pretty quickly.  I will quit a book a few chapters in if I can tell it is not for me.
  2. I carry a book with me most of the time.  When the kids are playing on the playground I am often sitting on a bench reading my book.  Sometimes I am surprised by the pockets of time that exist when I can read instead of scrolling my phone.
  3. Screens off by 9:30 pm and real pages only until 10:00 pm.
  4. I am a fast reader.
  5. My oldest kids like someone to lie down with them at night, so now I bring my book and we all read together in bed for a while before they turn their lights off.  This is a time of day when I really struggle because by then I often just want peace and quiet and to not give anything more to anyone else.  But reading in bed offers them what they want and is nice and peaceful for me too.  (Point of clarification: I read my book, they read theirs.  Companionable silence ensues.)
  6. I keep two lists in my bullet journal: “Books to Read” and “Book Log”.  I like watching the book log number grow.  It motivates me.  (I get a lot of book recommendations from here and here).
  7. I use daytime reading hours to chip away at the books that require more of me, and nighttime hours for the easier reads.  Right now daytime reading is this and nighttime is this.

There you have it.

(In February I logged off Facebook and instagram and I think that created more time, too.  It also generally quieted the chatter in my head.  Win/win.)


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