About Me

I am a mostly full-time stay at home mom who does some stuff on the side as well. I work a little outside of the home, cook and freeze things a little, and organize things a little. In raising kids, you often do not see evidence of your hard days’ work. Organize a junk drawer? Well, now you’ve got something concrete to show for the past 10 minutes.

I have four kids- my daughter Chicken, age 6 and the our little Monkey, 4 year old dude that he is, a 2 year old Turkey, and our newest baby who arrived in November of last year. So far she is called Peanut.

I prefer to use my first name and these super-cool code names for my kids on the blog. Let’s allow them to brand themselves online one day, shall we?

Adjusting to life in the home has been…an adjustment. A good one overall, and one with a large learning curve. I like to try out new systems to streamline this whole keeping-the-home thing. And keeping-my-sanity. Because, like I said before, sometimes I have to do a little something else in addition to reading Clifford for the 100th time. One resolution per month? Why not.

Not into resolutions in the slightest? I like to write about other stuff as well. Here’s a sampling:

I lost my mom ten years ago. I really enjoyed writing about ways I am like my mom.

We just had our fourth child and our cloth diapers are still hanging in there. That was a few hundred dollars well spent, in my opinion.

I can be a little bossy. I tell you how to manage your kids’ clothes and how to spend your money. Also (because I have alllll of the answers) I’ll let you know how to make space for a kick-ass spouse.

Our 4 year old Monkey had surgery in 2013. I think about this on a daily basis. It still shocks me.

Sometimes I reference “GSD”. Here you can find out what that means.

My kids make me laugh. I mean… And this.

Every once in a while, I make a poor judgment call. Oops. (I blame my sister-in-law for that last one, if I’m being honest).

*Apologies that these links don’t open in a new tab. It annoys me too. I do my bloggity blogging on an ipad and that doesn’t offer the option to open links in a new tab. You will have to suffer until I get a laptop again one day.



Email me your deepest questions at College(dot)Try(dot)Katherine@gmail(dot)com


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