Brain Dump

1.  Writing again because my friend Carolyn remarked that she misses my blog posts and two people “liked” her comment so THE MASSES HAVE SPOKEN.

yup. riding an elephant.

2.  I was feeling frustrated by the mess in the playroom yesterday so I decided to get rid of 30 things today.  (Remember this challenge?) I started with two board games that my kids play once every six months, yet somehow the pieces end up strewn everywhere and in every room in the house.  Goodwill.  Plus 28 more things.  

3.  Here is life with four kids: We arrive at the pool.  One of the kids announces he feels sick.  Said kid pukes in his brothers’ brand new sand bucket.  (Fills it almost to the top.  So gross.)  Brother/bucket owner is, understandably, sad.  Maybe even a little distraught.  A friend watches the baby while I take Puker and Brother up to the bathroom to  dump out the puke and get Puker some water.  Fourth child wanders the pool grounds.   

We stay for two more hours.

Mom of four does not let a little thing like puke send her packing up those kids.  Do you know how much effort it takes to get four kids to the pool?  Mucho.  Puke and rally, kiddo!

(He was fiiiiine).

maybe taken on the puke day. i don’t even remember! because: four kids.

4.  Speaking of four kids, the end is nigh!  We are almost finished diapering baby butts!  Imagine how rough those cloth diapers look, then imagine them a little bit rougher.  They are threadbare and barely hanging on, but I am nothing if not committed.  

5.  Remember my meal plan?  Sometime in March I decided I could not eat another round of those meals again.  I have been looking for a few good recipes to start over with ever since.  I have a good number of meals in place, but I welcome any easy addition you can offer.  Bonus points if it is freezable.  

he packed his own bag for grandpa and grandma’s. included: puddle jumper (shown) and 7 pairs of underwear. not included: anything else.

6.  Summertime means a loose schedule around here.  Daily chores, daily devotions, daily activity, daily rest time.  Repeat repeat.  We are off to a good start.  Schedules don’t work for everyone, but they are my good friend for the long weeks of summer.  I post it on the fridge for all to reference and enjoy.  

What works for you in the summer?  Schedules or total go with the flow all day, every day?  And- any easy recipes I should try?


Nothing Has Changed. Swearsies.

IMG_1495.JPGThe paparazzi will NOT leave me alone. I have to wear big glasses now, in hopes I won’t be recognized.

No seriously.

I know that I was just cited as a “guru” in Fast Company. And, like, I was quoted and stuff. So- yeah- that means that I was interviewed by Laura Vanderkam. Because I know stuff about things- like Whole30, or getting rid of 5 things a day, or whatever else.


All this is true.

But- you guys- really. I’m still the SAME PERSON.

I still put my pants on one leg at a time. (Which is getting increasingly difficult, what with the pregnant belly and all).

So please don’t treat me any different. I’m still the same person inside. Just with one more email subscriber to my blog. And seven extra clicks today.

No really.

It is not a big deal.

5 More Things!

More things that have left my house:

1.  A Boon bath spout cover.  It is cute and has probably protected the kids’ head from a knock or two, but it also gets nasty quickly and sometimes the nast doesn’t come off, even when I run it through the dishwasher.

Somewhat like Keely’s philosophy, (“If you use it everyday, it gets to stay”), I’ve decided that mine is

Keep things for the rule, not the exception.

Yes, I could keep the spout cover for the occasional time my daughter bumps her head into the spout during bathtime, but that’s the exception.  The vast majority of the time, no one bumps into the spout.  So the prone-to-nastiness spout cover gets pitched.  I’ll deal with the occasional bump as I need to.

2.  Food items from my pantry.  I have a bag of jarred baby food and rice cereal that will go to the food bank.  The baby has decided he’d prefer to feed himself, thanksverymuch, and I’m done trying to entice him to eat pureed peas.  That baby food will get donated!  Now, if anyone wants the little cubes of baby food still in my freezer, just let me know.

3.  Toys!  Always more toys!

Chicken and I went through her dress-up clothes the other day and she pulled out a few things that she doesn’t like.  Mostly they’re “too itchy”.  To the Goodwill!  Monkey added a few trucks to the pile.  I tried to donate another Candyland set that we have but Chicken put her foot down.

(I hate that game.  You think you’re about to win and then you draw licorice land or whatever, and you’re back to the beginning again.  It’s like the “War” of board games.  Never ends.)

4.  Some of my winter clothes.  I am trading out my winter clothes for summer, and in the process ditched a couple of things that I haven’t worn all winter.  If a season has passed and I didn’t like something enough to wear it, I can live without it.

5.  Lanyards that hold our city pool passes.  We got those two years ago.  Didn’t join the city pool last summer.

(Why am I justifying throwing away old city pool passes?  Who needs an explanation for that one?)

Moving on…

6.    A couple of boxes and bags of stuff that I can’t even remember anymore.  

I’ve dropped off several boxes at the Salvation Army and now I can’t even remember what else was in there.  No joke.

Lastly, this is how the Monkey took his nap last week.  With the top of the box closed, until he sweated himself awake:

not kidding.