Brain Dump


1. We sent Chicken to school last week, just a few blocks up the street. I have half-composed a bazillion posts in my head about this decision, in which I use all the words in the universe to explain the back and forth and soul-searching and eventual decision.

Instead of that marathon post, I’ll just hit on one major turning point: talking to a friend about the decision and realizing how many times I referenced feeling guilty about sending her to school.

I did NOT say that I think public school is best.
I did NOT say that I think homeschool is best.
I did NOT say that I feel strongly that she needs one or the other this year.

Just that I didn’t want to send her to school, and then feel guilty when she struggles.

In hearing myself express this guilt over and over, I realized what a power player it was. And I think that is a poor reason to make a decision.

I demoted “guilt” out of the number one motivator, and made the decision from there. So- here we are- with a first grader at Venable.

(And- yes- she has already struggled in the ways I think she will continue to. And I feel sad for her and protective of her when she talks about that small part of her day. But that is not turning into soul-crushing guilt. See how lovely that is? Also- by and large- she is really enjoying school. It is not all struggle and difficulty, by any stretch.)

2. Could it be? Are we possibly looking at a reprieve from diapers? We are about three weeks into potty training and I think it is safe to say we are in the clear. (With the exception of naptime and nighttime. A-okay with me). I am high-fiving myself left and right.

3. I was out with my husband the other night and ordered a Coke and got the standard “Did you say Diet or regular?” question in return. Blergh. I am confident that only women get asked this dumb question. My husband doesn’t get asked, but I do- easily- over half the time.

Don’t assume that because I am a woman, I am on a diet and want the diet beverage. Regular Coke, always.

4. We were in D.C. this weekend and I was asked- twice!- if this is my first child. Bless your hearts. Does this look like my first rodeo? Do I look dewy-eyed and well-rested? I will take what you just asked as a huge compliment. And- yes- your tip just went up another 5%.

5. While in D.C., the kids were with their Poppies and Mimi. Good times were had by all. Tractors were ridden, watermelons were carried, and movies were watched. From my eldest: “We watched ‘Spirit’ four times and ‘Land Before Time’ twice!” And somehow they even managed to fit in a trip to Sweet Frogs!

There’s no spoiling equal to that of the grandparents.



Brain Dump

1. Just as I said they would, the scales have tipped right back in the other direction. Last week I leaned toward sending Chicken to the perfectly wonderful public school up the street. This week I lean toward homeschooling.

I really, honestly do not know how we will make this decision. My see-sawing on the topic never ends.

Maybe I should take a vote! What do you think I should do?

2. We are several days into the thumb-free life for the little Monkey and so far, so good. I highly recommend my sister’s method for thumb-suckers. That is: if you see that you have a child who sucks his thumb, gently and lovingly shove a blanket/stuffed animal/lovey in his face every time you see him doing it. This will (hopefully) create an association between thumb-sucking and the lovey.

This helps when a) you want the thumb-sucking to be a bedtime only thing (the lovey stays in the bed) and b) when it is time to break the habit once and for all.

Monkey’s bear has been sleeping elsewhere for a few days and, with that, his trigger for thumb-sucking is gone. Seems to help a ton, at least for us.

3. We have an apartment across the street (this one), which we rent out. I was showing it to a couple a few weeks ago and they really liked it a lot. Wanted to move in, but needed to check on a few things related to getting out of their current lease. Um, okay. I’ll just check back in with you later.

I reconnected with the guy a few days ago to follow up. We talked for 10 minutes. He said they want to move in, and he knows we have a “sorry, no pets” policy…but could he please bring his old hound dog and five cats with him? The hound is “well behaved, like an old woman- just lays around all day” and the five cats are “all outdoor cats”.

I don’t doubt that your hound is well-behaved. (Like all old women are. Wait, what?). And the five cats are, too. And I’m sorry that your cat-sitter let your cat get pregnant on her watch in the first place, leading to the five cats you now own. But no. We can’t make that work.

4. When you are potty training your two year old, every little noise sounds like pee hitting the floor. I call it potty training paranoia; only the paranoia is completely justified.

5. Day five of science camp: corn snakes and dry ice in the creek. CAMP RULES.



Happy Monday, all. This week, may your floors be pee-free and may you lay around like an old woman whenever the urge strikes.

Happy Day


This weekend felt like an instagram come-true. The weather was perfect for being outside. It was bug-free and the humidity was low. Watching fireworks on the 4th, I actually got chilly. Cool- on the 4th of July. I don’t think that has happened in a long time.

My kids played outside for most of the weekend. We hiked at Ivy Creek for a couple of hours on the 4th. I realized, sometime in the afternoon, that we had not even considered finding a parade somewhere. Nor were my kids wearing red, white, and blue.

I felt a little bummed; sort of guilty and missed-opportunity’ish. But then I remembered that my kids are not on facebook and will, therefore, not know what they’re missing. The bummed feeling passed.


After realizing I felt tired and lamenting the deep injustice of this (in my second trimester! I should feel like a million bucks) I realized I was going to bed late every night. So I’ve been getting in bed earlier and setting myself up for better sleep. It is the darndest thing. I’m not so tired anymore.

The kids are fun these days. The baby is in a screech-when-he’s-frustrated phase, but we are working on it and I know it will pass. I’m enjoying time with them so much that it brings up the whole homeschooling decision all over again. After a fun week together, like last week, I told my husband I lean toward keeping Chicken home again this coming year.

(This is a scale that tips easily in either direction, so expect a different leaning at any point).

Happy Monday, all!