Brain Dump

1. Like a bazillion others, I have been watching the “zero tolerance” policy in action and feel sick to my stomach.  And angry.  I cannot mentally or emotionally go all the way to imagining how it would feel to have my kid(s) taken from me.  It is too much.  Trump is doing what he’s shown he will do from the beginning.  He doesn’t care about minority lives- I don’t think a single one of us should be surprised by this.  Yes, I know there is an EO in place now- but Trump will persevere in finding ways to do what he purposes to do.

My anger toward Trump is a safer emotion than imagining 2,300 kids being held in        warehouses and cages.  Or picturing that mom or dad who has no clue where their child is, or if he/she is coming back.   Lord have mercy.

2.  In light and fluffy fare, I painted the grout lines in my bathroom.  So bright!  So clean!  Behold, the before, during, and after.

I undertook this tedious task while my husband was away for five days.  I knew I needed a project to occupy me while we were all at home so I didn’t pass my time scrolling my phone and feeling, consequently, more tired.  It is nice to have a goal that shows itself off at the end.

3.  While I painted I listened to a few enneagram podcasts.  I was pushing back against my sloth tendencies.  Anyone recognize what number I might be?

4.  We have celebrated two birthdays!  Double digits and 6!


Speaking of, I turn 40 in September.  This has brought up the topic of how one wants to celebrate such a milestone.  Some friends have a big party.  (No thank you.)  Some friends go on a big trip.  (Maybe).  My ideal is a handful of friends going away for a weekend.

What is your ideal 40th celebration?





Most of us will take down our Christmas decorations sometime in the next week.  Personally, I like to have everything down a few days after Christmas.  I love the decorations while they are up, and then I love when my house has breathing room again after they are down.  That means pulling down my three big Rubbermaid bins from the attic and filling them back up with all of the lights and mugs and tea towels and cute things.   

Here is permission, from me to you, just in case you need it.  

If you come across a Christmas decoration that you don’t really love, don’t repack it for another year.  Don’t put it in the Rubbermaid bin.  Don’t haul it back up into the attic.  

Chipped mug (that you don’t even like that much)? Stained tea towel?  No question- toss them.

The “perfectly good” stuff?  Somewhere, right now, there is someone who cannot wait to hit up the thrift stores after Christmas.  That person cannot wait to lay eyes on that one decorative item that you are pretty “meh” on.  So just do it- give it to her.  Make her day.  Donate that stuff.

Spent good money on it?

Loved it when you first got it?

You can still donate it, and I bet you won’t even miss it when you haul your stuff out again next year.  

I have a bunch of my mom’s old Christmas decorations- ornaments, of course, but also a wooden nativity set and some Christmas angels and Santas.  The kinds of things you put on tabletops and mantels.  Last year I was packing up our decorations and realized that there was this one angel decoration that I didn’t really care for anymore, and had not liked for a few years.  It always shed its angel “hair” and was supposed to hold a tiny candle but the candle always tipped over.  I never would have picked it out in the store.  But it was my mom’s, so I wanted to think long and hard before passing it on.

I pondered it for a bit and realized that I have a few specific things of my mom’s that I love- like the nativity set, for example- that I am excited to pull out year after year.  I also buy a boxwood wreath or two, which I love the look of and reminds me of her.  (My mom would litter the house with boxwood for about one week every December, making wreaths with and for whoever wanted them.)     

So last year I donated the angel to the Salvation Army instead of packing it up.  I donated a bunch of ornaments, too, and probably a few other things that I don’t even remember.  Sometimes I get to donating and really get on a roll.  

You can do it, too.  

Merry Christmas, from the pragmatic decorator.  

Pretending they all have the stomach bug. (One actually did.)