It’s a new school year and- glory- for the first time in 10 years I will have all four kiddos in school for at least a portion of the week.  Numero cuatro will start preschool next week, three mornings a week.

Friends, it is time.

Picture me as Princess Jasmine, marveling over a Whole New World as it unfolds before me.

With the new school year comes new systems!  New organization ideas!  Ways to streamline school lunches!  Less screen time!  Things are going to be different this time!

I give it until maybe October, when the wheels fall off.  But it will be a well-oiled machine until then.

I am trying this meal system for a month to see how it goes.  I hit a wall this summer…or maybe as far back as this spring…where I officially hate to plan, shop, and make meals. I’m over it.  (This system petered out once these particular meals stopped being appetizing…).  And yet people still need to be fed around here.  (Sigh.)  Trying this system reduces decision fatigue, which I appreciate.  Our grocery spending has also exploded so I am curious if this will help cut costs.

(As a blogger I read once stated, you can’t ruin something you hate.  She meant it in home decor, but I let that apply to all things food.  I hate the whole thing of it, so changing it up (to try something new) is a low-risk endeavor.)


*Siblings holding hands.  Heart eyes.*

That’s what’s happening here.  All sorts of wild and crazy.


Brain Dump

1. Like a bazillion others, I have been watching the “zero tolerance” policy in action and feel sick to my stomach.  And angry.  I cannot mentally or emotionally go all the way to imagining how it would feel to have my kid(s) taken from me.  It is too much.  Trump is doing what he’s shown he will do from the beginning.  He doesn’t care about minority lives- I don’t think a single one of us should be surprised by this.  Yes, I know there is an EO in place now- but Trump will persevere in finding ways to do what he purposes to do.

My anger toward Trump is a safer emotion than imagining 2,300 kids being held in        warehouses and cages.  Or picturing that mom or dad who has no clue where their child is, or if he/she is coming back.   Lord have mercy.

2.  In light and fluffy fare, I painted the grout lines in my bathroom.  So bright!  So clean!  Behold, the before, during, and after.

I undertook this tedious task while my husband was away for five days.  I knew I needed a project to occupy me while we were all at home so I didn’t pass my time scrolling my phone and feeling, consequently, more tired.  It is nice to have a goal that shows itself off at the end.

3.  While I painted I listened to a few enneagram podcasts.  I was pushing back against my sloth tendencies.  Anyone recognize what number I might be?

4.  We have celebrated two birthdays!  Double digits and 6!


Speaking of, I turn 40 in September.  This has brought up the topic of how one wants to celebrate such a milestone.  Some friends have a big party.  (No thank you.)  Some friends go on a big trip.  (Maybe).  My ideal is a handful of friends going away for a weekend.

What is your ideal 40th celebration?