Local Friends Doing Great Work

If you are in the Charlottesville area (or even if you’re not), here are a few things you might want to check out:

My husband was involved with RUF and the University of Oklahoma. After graduating, the Servens even let him sleep on their couch for a year. (A year!) I am thankful for these relationships in his life, and now we love seeing how RUF is unfolding here at UVA.

Young Life in Charlottesville/Albemarle
I was a Young Life kid, starting in middle school. Over the years we had area directors and interns stay with us, when they got dropped off- wide eyed and penniless- in our dirt-road community. My parents were on Young Life committee for…forever. I love this ministry. There were conversations I needed to have in middle and high school, and I did not have them with my parents- though they were willing and available. Sometimes it was just too weird! But I had them with my Young Life leaders.

My friend Kelly let this whole yoga-studio-dream percolate and grow while we were still co-workers with a community counseling agency. I love the mind-body-spirit connection, love Kelly’s work with teen girls, and love a place for moms to just be. I have been to classes with all three of my kiddos in tow and the instructor was not fazed in the least by the mayhem. Love it.

Elisa B Photography
If you liked these or this or even this, (as I do), you would love working with Elisa. Looking at these pictures makes me miss the newborn stage- and I generally do not love the newborn stage. That’s impressive work.

Robinson Imagery
Sara and John met us on the Sunday before the Monkey’s brain surgery, to take some family pictures. They engaged the kids, moved us quickly from one spot to another, and were finished before the kids knew to be tired of it. I couldn’t love these pictures more. (Or these. Or this.)


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