Four Years Later

My sister sent me a picture from four years ago in the Pediatric ICU at Johns Hopkins.  I won’t post it because it is, frankly, too fragile for me to post.  I can’t.  He was so little.  The picture shows the dots on his temples and forehead where they prepped him and made sure they were opening him up in the right spot.  Holy smokes.

We are still sort of unpacking that whole stretch of time as a family, this many years later.  Kids are resilient, but kids are also sponges, right?  They can get through some crazy stuff, but they absorb bits and pieces of it along the way.  Of course they do.

This weekend we decorated our house for Christmas.  Every time I put those lights up I think about our friend Bob and his boys, coming with their strands of lights and decorating our porch for our homecoming. When we got home from the hospital we had a house that was clean, filled with food, and decorated for Christmas.  Four friends came and put up our Christmas tree and tried to figure out where to hang the absurd number of stockings they discovered (two for every member of the family??  I had not yet done this).  Another friend cleaned our house.  And for weeks after we were brought food, food, and more food.  I may not have cooked until February.  We were propped up on all sides.

Merry Advent from our weary world to yours.  We have much to grieve and much to hope in.  IMG_8250



B, W, W.

When we are eating dinner we often ask our kids for their “best, worst, weirdest” of the day.  Here’s mine:

  1.  Best: Finding this book in our Little Free Library.  Score!IMG_80521
  2. Worst: Waiting 20 minutes for dinner at Wendy’s and finally giving up and leaving.  I am eating lime Tostitos for dinner and not in a good way.
  3. Weirdest: Noticing that a section of my childs’ eyelashes were suddenly shorter.  His brother gave him a trim.


I would love to hear your best, worst, weirdest of the day.

Also, I am pretty sure we learned B, W, W from this friend and her family.  If we storm her blog and give her tens of page views, do you think she’ll write again?